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Grimm Fairy Tales Arcane Acre
Arcane Acre comprises issues #100 and after of Grimm Fairy Tales...where the Grimm Universe was changed forever!

Grimm Fairy Tales Arcane Acre

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  • Grimm Fairy Tales Arcane Acre Volume 2 Graphic Novel - GFTARCANETPB02 - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Grimm Fairy Tales Arcane Acre Volume 2 Graphic Novel

    After re-balancing the universe, Sela Mathers reunites with her estranged daughter, Skye. Teamed with Belinda, an age-old enemy who’s been reformed, and their mentor, Shang, they set out to help highborn teens hone their unique abilities with the hope that one day they too will fight against the evil forces that threaten Earth. However, a horrific prophecy hangs over Arcane Acre, the school Sela has built, and it will threaten not only the students she has taken on, but perhaps the entire world.In this re-imagining of Zenescope’s flagship series, the most iconic characters in the history of literature – Beowulf, Aladdin, the Mad Hatter, and many more – come together for a modern adventure unlike any you’ve ever read.This compilation of Grimm Fairy Tales collects issues 107 through 112 of Zenescope Entertainment’s smash-hit comic book series!



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