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Tales from Wonderland Graphic Novels
Can't get enough Wonderland?  These stories include stand-alone stories featuring infamous characters such as Alice, the Queen of Hearts, and the Mad Hatter.

Tales from Wonderland Graphic Novels

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  • Tales from Wonderland Volume 3 Graphic Novel - TFWTPB03 - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Tales from Wonderland Volume 3 Graphic Novel

    A White Knight fights to protect other realms from the insanity of Wonderland, while at the same time struggling to keep himself from being infected by the very evil he fights against. Will he be able to resist or will he be the latest to fall victim to the madness? A heart-broken young woman goes to extreme and insane lengths in her quest for vengeance and is reborn in Wonderland where she finds an entirely new world of madness awaiting her. The Mad Hatter prepares for battle against the equally evil and powerful Queen of Hearts. But the Hatter finds there’s one thing preventing him from claiming the Queen’s head and in order to beat her, he may have to become something else. Charles Dodgson decides to ignore his pact with Wonderland and seek redemption in the arms of the only woman he ever loved. But Dodgson soon learns that the realm of madness never lets go easily as he realizes his decision to turn his back on Wonderland could prove to be a colossal mistake. Four incredible tales straight from a horror-filled realm unlike no other. Enter a place where madness and terror reign supreme... Enter the world of Wonderland!



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