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April 2023 Releases - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

April 2023 Releases

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  • Sale -67% Robyn Hood: The Crawling Chaos - RHTCCA Pick F3E - Zenescope Entertainment Inc Robyn Hood: The Crawling Chaos. Cover B. Riveiro. Grostieta. Zenescope. 2023.

    Robyn Hood: The Crawling Chaos

    Robyn Hood: The Crawling Chaos Madness has descended on Manhattan and no one knows one except for the mysterious Goddess Nyra. As the city devolves into chaos, Robyn and Ghosthawk's search for the cause brings them face to face with the cult that serves her. Their confrontation reveals that death may be a welcome escape from the hell that's about to be released on earth. 40 pages. Cover A - Brandon Peterson Cover B - Riveiro | Grostieta Cover C - Ignacio Noe Cover D - Michael DiPascale | Sanju Nivangune



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