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The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

A pirate ship carrying four children crashes on the shore of a mysterious and merciless jungle. Each child is taken by a separate tribe of animals as a means to keep the peace between the species. It is a peace that will not last...

Fifteen years later the children have now become young adults and each will have to face the destiny that awaits them in the unforgiving jungle. A place where only the strong will survive. Zenescope brings you their newest reinvention of a classic tale that is going to blow you away! Featuring four connecting covers by Deadpool artist Ale Garza and DC superstar colorist Nei Ruffino and a retailer incentive cover by Zenescope superstar artist Mike DeBalfo!

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  • The Jungle Book #2 - Cover G - JUNGLE02G - Zenescope Entertainment Inc


  • Sale -80% The Jungle Book: 2016 Holiday Special - JBHOL01A Pick C5T - Zenescope Entertainment Inc The Jungle Book: 2016 Holiday Special - JBHOL01B Pick H1D - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    The Jungle Book: 2016 Holiday Special

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    BAGHEERA'S SECRET The island of Kipling is turned on its end when the first snow falls on the jungle habitat. What will this sudden shift in the weather mean to the fragile peace between the animal tribes? And what secret does Bagheera hold that may change the fate of the island forever? Mowglii is determined to find out the chilling truth as writer M.L. Miller and artist Carlos Granda reteam to bring a new chapter to the critically acclaimed series! Cover A - Allan Otero / Ivan Nunes Cover B - Gregb Watson / Ceci de la Cruz Cover C - Martin Abel Cover D - Carlos Granada / Sean Ellery



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