2023 Convention Schedule, and a L'il Beefcake

2023 Convention Schedule, and a L'il Beefcake


Welcome back dear readers!  It's been another eventful week here at Z-HQ: our Myths & Legends VCON was last week, and we're gearing up to hit the road for CONVENTION SEASON - woo hoo!

First up is Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle.  Your pals Jason, Amber, & Casey will be there Thursday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 5th, so please stop by and see them if you're in the area!

We're super excited about our very first VIP Event South in New Orleans, Friday, March 10th & Saturday, March 11th.  The WHOLE Z-gang will be there - Joe, Ralph, Dave & David, along with Jason, Amber, Casey, Noah, & Mike.  And we're so lucky to have Dawn McTeigue, Eric Basaldua, & Mike Krome joining us for what will definitely be an epic weekend! 

You can pick up tickets to VIP NOLA here if you are so inclined, and find more details about the event here.

Our full 2023 Convention schedule is below - I will post updates if we add any more dates!

Emerald City Comic Con Seattle, WA 3/2/23-3/5/23 ECCC Tickets
Zenescope VIP NOLA New Orleans, LA 3/10/23-3/11/23 VIP NOLA Tickets
MegaCon Orlando, FL 3/30/23-4/2/23 MegaCon Tickets
Motor City Comic Con Novi, MI 5/19/23-5/21/23 MC3 Tickets
Fan Expo Philly Philadelphia, PA 6/2/23-6/4/23 Fan Expo Philly Tickets
Awesome Con Washington, DC 6/16/23-6/18/23 Awesome Con Badges
San Diego Comic Con San Diego, CA 7/20/23-7/23/23 SDCC Tickets - SOLD OUT
Zenescope VIP Philly Philadelphia, PA TBD Coming Soon!
New York Comic Con New York, NY 10/12/23-10/15/23 NYCC Ticket Info

Now, let's talk Movie Club!  I have a lot of thoughts.  #1 being that we tend to feature a lot of action movies with so very many men - naturally I should be ranking the dreamiest dudes in each movie.  I make a solemn vow to you that henceforth I shall be sharing my very official and 100% unassailable ranking of the top 3 hunks in every Movie Club film of 2023, starting with February's film, Drive.

But first, we have to acknowledge all the Hunks that came before.  They walked so 2023's Hunks could fly.  I present to you Now and Zen's Top Hunks of Movie Club 2022:

Infographic featuring attractive actors, Brandon Lee, Casper Van Dien, Michael Biehn, Gary Oldman, Dean Norris, and Ian McShane

My #1 is Michael Biehn in Aliens.  Michael Biehn in the 80s/90s was a total dish, and the chemistry he and Sigourney Weaver shared as Ripley and Hicks in Aliens inspired a whole bunch of fanfic (god bless the internet), which I have absolutely read, for research purposes of course.  

Gary Oldman is my #2, but I refused to use a photo from The Fifth Element because that may be the only time in the 90s he didn't LOOK smoking hot.

Casey's #1 is Brandon Lee in The Crow, and I must agree he is quite hunky.  Her #2 is Casper Van Dien, who is okay if you like muscles I guess...  

And finally, Noah's choice, Mr. Dean Norris, who made appearances in 2 films from 2022 - Starship Troopers, and Total Recall.  I can't argue with this pick; I also adore Dean Norris.

I'm throwing in January 2023 movie John Wick's handsomest man for good measure.  Ian McShane is obviously one of the sexiest gents of all-time and the clear choice for John Wick's #1 hunk.  If you disagree, then I assume you've never seen this very important photo.

February's Movie Club Livestream is tomorrow - Wednesday, February 22nd at 6 PM ET on our Youtube channel.  I don't want to overhype Drive, but in this gal's opinion it's a perfect neo-noir film with great pacing, an absolutely superb cast, and an iconic soundtrack.  It's a modern classic.  Agree?  Disagree?  Please sound off in comments!

Infographic featuring photos of Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, and Oscar Isaac
And let's not forget about the Hunks! 

I've been nursing a crush on Albert Brooks since I saw Defending Your Life as an impressionable 12-year-old, so he is #1 and there will be no further questions, this press conference is over. 

#2 is Bryan Cranston, and #3 is Oscar Isaac because yeah, even weirdos like me love Oscar Isaac.

I didn't include her in the graphic but I feel like Christina Hendricks probably deserves an honorable mention?  What do you guys think?

Let's close this one out strong!  I mentioned Drive's soundtrack, and as a special treat for you, I collabed with Chris & Mark to put together this Drive-inspired playlist.  You'll probably recognize some of the songs from the film, but we tried to include some other awesome synthwave stuff.  Hope you enjoy! 


  • Drive was an average car chase movie. I would pick Duel (the original 1971 starring Dennis Weaver), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974 starring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges) or Mother, Juggs and Speed (1976 starring Bill Crosby, Raquel Welch (RIP), and Harvey Keitel), Corvette Summer (Mark Hammer and Annie Potts) as better car chase movies. Hell, even the various Cannonball Run movies or Smokie & the Bandit (only the first one) are better car chase movies.

    - Scott
  • I'm bummed I can't make the Zenescope VIP event in NOLA. I love New Orleans. My daughter got her degree at Tulane University. Here's hoping the dates for the Philly VIP event will work out so I can attend.

    - David
  • The heart wants Ryan <3

    - Johnny
  • The heart what it wants, Austin. :)

    We are definitely hoping to add more shows over the next few years. Appreciate your support!

    - Sarah the Blogger
  • How is Ryan Gosling not the #1 hunk in Drive?

    I'd love to see Zenescope come back to a show in Ohio or Indiana in the coming years!

    - Austin

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