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Who Would Win: Jason Voorhees or Victor Crowley? Kane Hodder’s answer might surprise you.

Who Would Win: Jason Voorhees or Victor Crowley? Kane Hodder’s answer



How do you survive sitting down with Jason Voorhees?


Wait for a pandemic, tell his agent it’s safer to not chat in person (they’ll assume it’s because of the pandemic, but you’ll know it’s because he’s killed over 150 people) and then schedule a zoom interview.


Zenescope’s Amber Curtis interviewed iconic stuntman and legendary horror icon, Kane Hodder about his recent announcement, his time as Jason Voorhees, and who would win in a fight: Jason or Victor Crowley.


Here is an excerpt from the interview:

(You can view the entire interview here)



Amber: I know it was announced yesterday by Bloody Disgusting that your biography book unmasked is getting a re-release for its 10th Anniversary. Could you talk a little bit about unmasked and what the new re-release will have in addition to the past book?


Kane: First of all, it's been 10 years. I can't even hardly believe that. Since the book came out, there's 10 more years of new stories, but then also so many other important things for me.


The reporter that was with me the day I got burned has never shared her side of the story and she's finally going to. I think it was very difficult for her that day just to watch what happened to me. I have never heard her side of it and I actually don't want to know it until the book is actually out and I read it for myself because it's just going to be such a unique perspective.


Everyone knows my story and how bad it was, but nobody knows how it felt to be there witnessing that story, so that's a big part of it that's going to be in the book.


A lot of pictures that have never been seen by fans and stuff behind the scenes shots on films and other things.


Incredibly personal stories of people that read the book and related to certain things, certain ways and a lot of people say hearing my story helped them through something difficult. Something I came across a few years ago, that I forgot I even had, was that I did a day-to-day journal of shooting Jason X.


Amber: Oh cool


Kane: And every day after when I would get back to my apartment, I would write down what happened that day. We're gonna publish that in the new book.


We're using the original title that we first had come up with for the book we were going to call it Kill and then we thought, “Eh it's not really descriptive of what the story is, so that's why we did Unmasked.”


This new release edition will be called Kill with the original cover and everything. Everybody knows that that's tattooed in my mouth and it's my word I use it in business things. It's on my license plate, so it'll be kind of fun to get back to that original title.


Amber: So you're saying that I could potentially find you anywhere driving on the road if I see someone's license plate says kill it's probably you


Kane: Well yes, but you know I couldn't..California law wouldn't allow me just to put that word on my plate so I had to have some letters in between the kill so that they didn't realize what I was really doing you know.



Amber: So speaking of bizarre, [to promote] Part VIII, you were on the Arsenio Hall Show,  dressed as Jason [Voorhees]. How did that happen?


Kane: They contacted us from the Arsenio Hall Show saying that Arsenio was always kind of a closeted horror fan in a way. He didn't really advertise it, but he liked that stuff, he liked the character, and he thought it would be funny as hell to have me on as Jason and interview me like I'm any other actor.


And of course, I'm not going to respond because [Jason Voorhees’] don't talk and that was the whole point of it. He made it funny, but before I got in the costume, he said, “I know this is going to sound stupid, but please don't f*** with me when you're in the costume because I'm really nervous.” And anyone that knows me, knows that if you tell me please don't f*** with me, That's exactly what i'm gonna do.


So at the end where he goes to shake my hand, if you ever watch the clip again, I grab his hand and pull him towards me and you can see that he's actually scared. But yeah it was a lot of fun because you don't get those opportunities playing this kind of character very often you know?



Amber: So before we let you go we always do rapid fire and it's just gonna be five questions. The first answer that pops into your mind is gonna be the answer. So [if] fail, there are dire consequences.


Kane: But if I do fail that you'll probably end up my victim so just just be aware


Amber: *blocks my door really quickly*


Kane: Please, have you seen people lock doors in front of me before and it didn't do much did it?



Amber: Well maybe I have supernatural powers you don't know about so...


Kane: Okay, fine.


Amber: Okay, so what is your most commonly asked fan question?


Kane: “Did you like playing Jason?” I guess.. I mean, you know, I guess I can

See why somebody would ask that but maybe other actors just have played a role for the money or something, but yes I did love playing the character.


Amber: Who would win in a fight Jason Voorhees or Victor Crawley?


Kane: Oh that's a good one! I would give a very slight edge...very slight.. to Victor. Only because he is less predictable. With Jason, you may know exactly what he's going to do and you still can't do sh** to stop it, but you might have a better chance eventually of doing something that's effective to stop him. Victor is so unpredictable that I don't know if he could ever do that.


Amber: Oh good answer!


Who is your favorite final girl?


Kane: Oh man, I don't think anybody's ever asked me that. Oh, I'd have to say... and it doesn't have to be a Jason movie right?


Amber: Nope.


Kane: Danielle Harris as Mary Beth in the Hatchet movies was just amazing. She's a very good friend of mine, we're very close. I just think she's such a talented actress and so good with so many aspects of acting including physical stuff. She's definitely my favorite.


Amber: Yeah she's really really great. I love her and everything that she does. Halloween IV and V are very underrated films and her performance is fantastic, so i'm glad to hear you say that.


Well who would be your favorite final girl in the Friday the 13th that you are battling?


Kane: Probably Laura because she's like I said before the only one that ever had a decent effect in battling Jason so Tina in part VII.


Amber: If this were your last meal and you were on death row, what would it be?


Kane: Well it's gonna sound pretty weird, but a peanut butter sandwich.


Amber: Peanut butter? Crunchy? Smooth?


Kane: Smooth.


Amber: Smooth. Wow, [you] made a face at crunchy. Good to know














Kane Hodder has over 100 stuntman and actor credits including the Friday the 13th film series, the Hatchet series, and Se7en. His best selling book Unmasked is getting a 10th anniversary re-release called Kill with more interviews, behind the scenes intel, and a first hand account from the woman who reported on his almost fatal stunt.


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