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2023 Collectors Club Subscriptions

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  • Cosplay Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Cosplay Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Candy Cosplay Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) Monthly subscription includes: Candy Box Candy Cosplay Collectible LE 350 (Comic Book) Sticker Board Sticker Metal Card Secret Prize Additional Notes: -Each month will feature a new Candy Cosplay from Paul Green and sticker, card, prize above.-Free Shipping.-Please refer to this FAQ page for additional info and details about the program. 


  • Catch Em Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Catch Em Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Catch Em Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) Monthly subscription includes: Catch 'Em Collectible LE 400 (Sun Khamunaki) Collectors Club 2023 Catch 'Em Sticker FREE Shipping *Part of the 2023 Catch 'Em Collectors Club:


  • Holiday Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Holiday Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Holiday Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) Monthly subscription includes: Holiday Collectible LE 375 Collectors Club 2023 Holiday Sticker FREE Shipping *Part of the 2023 Catch 'Em Collectors Club:



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