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Britney Waters Graphic Novels

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  • Sale -69% Red Agent Graphic Novel - REDAGENTTPB PICK G3G - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Red Agent Graphic Novel

    Mission Impossible meets Grimm Fairy Tales in this new intense spy mini-series from Zenescope! Britney Waters aka, Red Riding Hood, is recruited by a secret government agency to help take down a rogue organization that is determined to take out any and all Highborn threats across the globe. Using the codename Red Agent, Britney must infiltrate the mysterious organization and ultimately confront an seemingly unstoppable weapon called “The Knight” - a sadistic laboratory-enhanced warrior whose sole purpose is to seek and destroy. Don’t miss this brand new Grimm Universe spy series from Zenescope! Collects Red Agent #1-5.


  • Sale -75% Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau Graphic Novel - RAIDMGN PICK G4E/Skid 1 - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau Graphic Novel

    Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau Graphic Novel Still on the run after recent events, Red and Avril are lured out of hiding by RUBICON – a sinister government agency that has taken the place of the Highborn Initiative.  In order to clear their names, they must track down the woman responsible for an attack on a high-tech genetics lab: Dr. Helena Moreau, and her vicious animal/human hybrids.  The beginning of an exciting new series, inspired by H.G. Wells’classic novel! Collects Red Agent: Island of Dr. Moreau #1 – 5. Cover - Jay Anacleto, Ula Mos



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