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Grimm Fairy Tales: Apocalypse #5


Double-Sized Finale!

Van Helsing fans – don’t miss this issue.

Don’t miss the shocking conclusion of Zenescope’s earth-shattering event. Robyn Hood, Hellchild, Van Helsing, Cindy, and Marian Quin face the consequences of their battle with the Four Horsemen, and not everyone will make it out of the Apocalypse alive. As a new day dawns on the Grimm Universe, the choices made by the heroes will define the future of the Earth and its surrounding realms.

Cover A - Sheldon Goh / Sanju Nivangune

Cover B - Salvatore Cuffari / Walter Pereyra

Cover C - Keith Garvey

Cover D - Roger Bonet / Mohan Sivakami