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Everything Zen. Episode 2. January 2021.

Everything Zen. Episode 2. January 2021.

Episode 2. January 2021.
Length: 1 hour
Topic: Grimm Fairy Tales.

Description: Zenescope's January 2021 podcast focuses on the origin and evolution of Grimm Fairy Tales. Inspired by the classic tales from Brothers Grimm, Grimm Fairy Tales laid the foundation for Zenescope to explore fairy tales in a unique way and helped introduce many of the popular Zenescope titles and characters today. It includes a discussion with Zenescope founders, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, as well as editor Dave Franchini, and features an interview with Jessica Green, star of the hit CW series The Outpost.

Hosts: Mark Sells, Ralph Tedesco
Zenescope: Joe Brusha, Jason Condeelis, Dave Franchini, Chris Samson
Special guest: Jessica Green (star of the hit CW series The Outpost)

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