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The Watcher Graphic Novels

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  • The Watcher Graphic Novel - WATCHERGN - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    The Watcher Graphic Novel

    The Watcher Graphic Novel A Catholic Deacon and his family relocate to a suburban New England home that's long been rumored to be haunted by an evil entity. As his teenage daughter, Erica, begins to adjust to a new school and new friends, her ongoing bouts with sleep paralysis worsen and she begins to wonder if there really is a presence inside the home. Meanwhile, when two of Erica's high school friends are brutally murdered, she begins to suspect the creepy neighbor who she's noticed watching her through his window.  Check out this tense three issue thriller that blends the fun of DISTURBIA with the scares of THE CONJURING from the minds of Zenescope Entertainment! 108 pages. Cover - Marco Mastrazzo



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