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Women's Day, February Faves and More March Releases

, by Sarah Houghton, 6 min reading time

It's International Women's Day, and you know we love celebrating women here at Zenescope!  Mr. Condeelis was kind enough to get us an ice cream cake in tribute, after only a moment or two of incessant whining by me and Casey.  

We really do have an incredible group of kind, brilliant, talented, hilarious women in the Zenescope fam - shout out to Ashley, Kearea, Casey, Di, Jen, Tara, Patty, and Amber!!  And y'know, the gentlemen on the Z-Team are pretty great too!

Speaking of gentlemen, we have an update from a member of our team who did not get his 2022 Favorites submitted in time for the official post - tsk, tsk.  But Chris is a strong Feminist Ally, plus has some really good suggestions so here are his 2022 Faves:

Chris’s Picks:

And while we're on the subject of are some of my favorite things from February:

Bill Russell is rightly considered the greatest competitor in team sports.  The only player with 11 NBA Championships, Russell also earned 5 MVPs, and is probably the best defender ever.
For me, he's the GOAT, and Netflix's new 2-part documentary captures why.  Russell was a phenomenal player, but he was also a civil rights icon who called out injustice in an era where he very well could have ended up dead for it.  

Another great NBA moment from February is G-Leaguer Mac McClung singlehandedly saving the Slam Dunk Contest.  It's been lackluster in recent years as fewer stars are willing to risk injury to compete.
And then along comes Mac McClunk, landing perfect dunk after perfect dunk, walking away with a much deserved trophy present by the king of cool dunks, Dr. J.

 I somehow missed out on Paramore for the past 15+ years, and only discovered Hayley Williams's solo album "Petals For Armor" while working from home during the pandemic - it's wonderful and I highly recommend.
Fast forward 3 years and I have recently been enjoying Paramore's newest album, "This is Why".  

I'll end my February faves with 2 clips that aren't from last month, but I didn't actually see them until February, so they're getting shoehorned in. 

This first one really creates some inner conflict for me as both a Michael Shannon superfan and an avowed Swiftie, lol.  But it's too good not to share...

The second clip is, of course, the queen herself playing Anti-Hero in public for the first time: 

And finally, here are some more of our upcoming March releases!!  Gretel: Seeds of Despair is out NOW!!!  I should have the final covers for March 29ths releases next week.  Lemme know in comments if you see any new favorite covers below!




  • Paramore was my former fav band so no surprise you like them since you have great musical taste as a Swiftie. So jealous Taylor’s AZ tour has Paramore opening for her as the only show. That’s a crazy 2-for-1 concert.



  • Happy International Women's Day! I'm looking forward to some great-looking March releases.



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