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    Comic Box Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Monthly Comic Box Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) This NEW Monthly Comic Box Subscription will include all comics published each month PLUS a Comic Box Exclusive by Sun Khamunaki - LE 150 (All subscription levels include the Sun Khamunaki collectible.) A & C Cover Subscriptions will be packed in one of our prio Board Game or Candy Boxes.  *Includes 5 Zenbucks "All Cover" Subscriptions will be packaged in a black box. *Includes 10 Zenbucks **COMIC BOX Subscriptions ship the last week of each month, once all books have arrived from the printer Issues included for April:  Cinderella: Murder for All Seasons Fairy Tale Team Up: Robyn Hood & Gretel Oz: Fall of the Emerald City #1 Pooh vs. Bambi #1 Grimm Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 #83 Sun Khamunaki - 2024 April Subscription Collectible - LE 150 

    $95.00 - $221.00


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