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May NCW Releases

May NCW Releases



Here is a recap of our May releases. They are still for sale via our webstore with purchase links below.


For each NCW (New Comic Wednesday), we feature a guest who worked on that week’s release. They share the behind the scenes of how the story came to be and some things we might have missed.


Scroll through the list to see Amber’s favorite covers and her top pick of the month.



May 5 Release, NCW



Van Helsing: Steampunk


Price: $5.99

Amber’s Favorite Cover: Cover A by Igor Vitorino & Ivan Nunes


For Fans of: Steampunk/Sci-Fi Storylines ie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riverdale.

Synopsis: Van Helsing is heading to Los Angeles with every intention of soaking up the sun for a much-needed vacation.  But, not even a trip to the west coast can be easy for the famed vampire hunter, as a new team of steam-powered villains are going to do their part to cut this trip short.  Liesel will have to use every trick in her book to stand a chance against this new threat! 40 pages.



May 12 Release, NCW



Grimm Fairy Tales Vol. 2 #48


Price: $3.99

Amber’s Favorite Cover: Cover C by Keith Garvey


For Fans of: Action Packed Female Driven Storylines ie: Charmed, The Vampire Diaries.

Synopsis: Skye has rounded up nearly all the escapees from the Dark Book. Now, with the help of her friends, and the end nearly in sight, she is ready to take down the last one! Don’t miss this action-packed issue as Skye’s new journey draws closer to her endgame! 32 pages.



May 19 Release, NCW
































Robyn Hood: Voodoo Dawn


Price: $5.99

Amber’s Favorite Cover: Cover C by Ian MacDonald


For Fans of:  Fantasy/Mystical Storylines ie: Charmed, The Princess & the Frog

Synopsis: Dark magic and evil rituals are two things Robyn’s life knows almost too well and this day won’t be any different. Something deadly is coming for our favorite vigilante-archer, and Robyn is going to be in a fight for her soul when she takes on the mysterious Voodoo Dawn!  




May 26 Release, NCW



Neverland 2021 Annual


Price: $7.99

Amber’s Favorite Cover: Cover A by Igor Vitorino & Ivan Nunes


For Fans of: Pirate & Adventure Themed Storylines: Peter Pan, The Librarian.

Synopsis: Neverland is a realm filled with terror and gripping action and adventure, whether it is vicious, pirate battles in flying ships, or whole islands filled with giant man-eating, killer crocs. One person, Nathan Cross, knows these horrors too well. Haunted since childhood by this cursed land, he had thought to have escaped its nightmares, but now, back in the place he never wanted to see again, he is searching for a way to save someone he cares about.


Will he be able to hang onto hope, or even the last shred of his humanity, or will this world finish what it started so many years ago? Don’t miss this next over-sized Neverland epic! 64 pages.

Amber’s Top Pick: Man Goat & the Bunnyman #2


Price: $5.99

Amber’s Favorite Cover: Cover B by Riveiro & Ula Mos


For Fans of: Comedy-Horror Storylines ie: Tuck and Dale v. Evil, Shaun of the Dead, Paul.

Synopsis: The stakes are raised as Phil and Floyd find themselves up against a mysterious cult whose members are taking and killing summer vacationers. All the while, after months of searching, a group of obsessed monster hunters has finally tracked the cryptid roomies down. And these hunters are out for blood. Will Phil and Floyd be able to stay alive long enough to save the day once again, or will this be the end of the road for Man Goat and the Bunnyman?


Be sure that you pick up the series that puts to shame the other books in your friggin’ comics pile! Do it! Pick it up!

Now with 32- pages of Man Goat & the Bunnyman awesome-story action!

Want to be up-to-date on all of Zenescope’s latest releases?  Tune into NCW every Wednesday at 3PM EST on their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels. You can also shop here and expect new drops every Wednesday.

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