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Shang Single Issues

Before Shang was the mentor to the Guardian of the Nexus, bear witness as his past is finally revealed! The war for the Imperial throne is coming to an end. Shang, the last of his dynasty, seemed nearly invincible until a new general was chosen to lead the Imperial army. As these two strong forces race towards their inevitable clash, sinister forces plot to defeat them both.

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  • Shang #3 - SHANG03A Pick E1L - Zenescope Entertainment Inc Shang #3 - SHANG03B Pick E1L - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Shang #3

    Part 3 of 3 After Shang and his rival, who recently revealed herself to be a woman named Mulan, get transported to a mysterious realm, they must set off to find a way back to settle their score once and for all. They will soon find out that won't be so easy however, as sinister forces plot from the dark to conquer both realms. Cover A – Riveiro | Mohan Sivakami Cover B – Sheldon Goh | Hedwin Zaldivar Cover C – Michael Dooney | Ula Mos Cover D – Ian Richardson | Ivan Nunes


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