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Let's All Go to the Movies...

, by Sarah Houghton, 5 min reading time

Heard any interesting movie news lately?  Obviously, we are so excited Paradise Court is coming to the big screen, and can't wait until there are more details to share.  

If you haven't read Paradise Court, now would be the perfect time to pick up a copy of the hardcover and find out what all the fuss is about!

Fun fact: Monday was National Film Score Day, so I made you a shiny Spotify playlist with some of my favorite pieces from film scores.  Holler at me with your picks in the comments!

While we're on the subject, are there any movies coming out in the next month or so that you're excited about?

I have tickets to a screening of Renfield next week, which I am looking forward to because a campy comedy with Nic Cage as Dracula sounds like it was custom made for me.

If you didn't see him play an exaggerated version of himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, please watch it.  Cage and Pedro Pascal made a delightful onscreen duo, and I really enjoyed their screwball antics.

Nic Cage is, honestly, one of my favorite actors.  I love hearing him talk about his craft, and how earnestly he approaches every role.  He's given spectacular performances in 2 of my favorite movies of the past 5 years.

I should probably do a more in-depth post about Mandy, my favorite movie from 2018.  It starts as a simple love story about 2 damaged loners, but evolves into a gonzo revenge tale with gorgeous cinematography, a killer score, and a top-notch cast. Nic Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, and the legendary Bill Duke all give compelling performances.  I am personally forcing everyone at Zenescope HQ to watch my DVD copy.  Noah loved it and I am going to loop him in to share his thoughts in comments.

And then there's Pig, my favorite movie from 2021.  I was really excited to see this because Nicolas Cage + chonky pig = perfect movie!!  Cage plays a reclusive former chef who lives in the woods with his truffle-hunting pig.  When the adorable critter is pig-napped, Cage enlists the help of Alex Wolff's character to track her down.  It's essentially a character piece between the two of them, and they are both up to the challenge, delivering subtle, nuanced performances.  There's no happy ending, but it's one of the most profoundly moving movies I've ever seen.   

As I'm sure you all know, it's officially Swift Season!  Taylor kicked off her Eras Tour 2 weeks ago, and many blessings to all of the TikTok-ers streaming live from each show.  That means ya girl Sarah is staying up WAY past her bedtime on Friday-Sunday nights watching Swizzle's 3.5 hour concerts, but it sure beats the alternative of spending a mortgage payment on concert tickets, lol. 

You guys have probably seen this already, but I just found out about our 2017 April Fools' cover.   Soooo, I'd like to issue a (hopefully,) fun challenge!  Post your best Taylor Swift memes in comments below, and I'll pick my 3 favorites to receive a copy of the 2017 GTOT April Fools' comic.

Thanks again to everyone for reading!  Y'all are the best!




  • Watched Renfield last night- such a fun movie- and since it was filmed here in New Orleans, you might recognize some French Quarter locations, if you attended the NOLA VIP Event last March. An old friend of mine was even IN the film. Not big on sharing memes, so I hope this works.!&&p=81b8ac8c8c7e0111JmltdHM9MTY5NzI0MTYwMCZpZ3VpZD0zMWQ5NmMwOC03NWQ2LTY0ZmEtM2YzMy03Zjk3NzQ1ODY1OWImaW5zaWQ9NTc2NA&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=31d96c08-75d6-64fa-3f33-7f977458659b&u=a1L2ltYWdlcy9zZWFyY2g_cT1UYXlsb3IgU3dpZnQgTWVtZXMmRk9STT1JUUZSQkEmaWQ9NTFEMDhEMjg1QTIyNjRCQkVDNDQwRUJERERBNjU2QUNBNDBGRUY5QQ&ntb=1



  • I can't believe I was behind on reading the blog post this week :( ![](



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