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Our commitment is to deliver our comics in the best possible condition but given how often they are handled during the printing, processing, and shipping phases we can not guarantee that each comic will be completely free from small handling or manufacturing defects. 

We therefore guarantee our regular comics to a CGC grade of 9.2 or above and our Limited Edition Exclusives to a CGC grade of 9.4 or above. We use the following chart as a reference to objectively determine if a book fits the criteria for a returnable item.


If you feel your comic fits this criteria for a returnable item please contact within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Any items that were in your possession for longer than 2 weeks will not be considered for a refund or replacement. 


Replacements will not be issued for prizes or free promotional items. Items marked as ‘All Sales are Final’ are not eligible for refunds or replacements. These are older inventory items that are heavily discounted and priced to sell. 


As a small company that strives to provide quality products and professional service we also reserve the right to reject orders or close/suspend accounts of those individuals that are perceived to be abusing the return policy or otherwise acting or communicating in inappropriateways. This includes abusive or inappropriate language in calls or messages. 


I live internationally and ordered from your website and ended up getting charged customs fees. Why did this happen?

Unfortunately, for International orders, we cannot control any custom fees. That being said, we apply the custom destination as comic books so that custom charges are not applied, however the laws and regulations of different countries vary.


I love your stuff, but your shipping rates seem a little high. What’s up with that?

We understand your concern about shipping rates being high. In the comic book industry, receiving your books in the highest possible condition is very important, so we select our shipping services carefully so that we know your orders will get to you safely! 

Please keep in mind that our rates are calculated and displayed automatically by the shipping services that we use, and do include a handling fee for packaging materials. We make no profit on any of our shipping charges.

If you are looking to save on shipping, you can Become a VIP and receive flat rate shipping, OR you can subscribe to our free shipping program, Zenescope Black.




My coupon code isn’t working, why is this?

There could be a few reasons.
  1. It has expired. Please check the date on your coupon code
  2. The coupon code is only redeemable for certain items. Please double check the parameters on the coupon.  NOTE: Most coupons can NOT be used on Subscriptions, Memberships, VIP Event Tickets and select New Releases (items released in the last 60 days)
  3. You have multiple discounts in your cart. For example, we may be giving away a FREE STICKER SET with your order. That would count as a discount code, and would not allow you to use the coupon code that you would like to. In this situation, we recommend that you take off the free sticker set from your order, and use the coupon code that you would like to.

Most of our coupon codes are active for a limited time. They are case sensitive and cannot be combined with other or multiple promo codes. They are usually one-use only as well. If you have any questions please email us at

Can you guys hold my order, or combine shipping on multiple orders?

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer this service, as combining orders to ship can lead to mistakes and extended shipping times.




I have a script that I’m working on that’s the next Grimm Fairy Tales! You guys have to read this, where do I send it? 

Please follow our submission guidelines here Please keep in mind that we do not accept unsolicited pitches for legal reasons.

PLEASE DO NOT send submissions via social media. They will not be reviewed by an editor.


I recently submitted artwork through the submissions page but I haven’t heard anything back. When should I expect a response?

We receive a high volume of submissions. Although every submission is reviewed by our editing team, we cannot guarantee a response back. If we are interested in working with you, we will contact you. Be sure to include a resume or card with contact information!




At the convention where I visited your booth, someone told me that all of your exclusives were sold out, but then I saw some on your website after that. Why couldn't I have one then?

We sell our exclusives through multiple different channels. When we go to conventions, we only bring a certain number of the convention exclusives with us to the show. After the convention has ended, we typically sell them on our monthly livestreams. VIPs may get early access to them, as well. 

Finally, if there are enough left between convention and VIP sales, the remaining quantities will be released to the general public, but sometimes there are very few available! We recommend that you're on our email list so that you can see when the new books are available and get online to order!




Can I cosplay as one of your characters?

Definitely! Be sure to tag us and we might share it on our social media accounts! 


Are you guys ever going to reprint Charmed Season 9 Volumes 2 and 3? They’ve been sold out forever! 

At the moment, we are not looking to reprint any trades. However, you might be able to read our sold out trades digitally on Comixology!

However, we do not publish Charmed anymore, so Season 11 is not coming 🙁





For more information on VIP, please check out our About VIP Page and our VIP FAQ Page


I ordered my VIP Package in what seems like forever ago. My orders are usually shipped super fast, so what’s the deal?

VIP Packages are personalized, so we need to print your personalized badge. We order the badges every few weeks, so if you want to receive other items with no delay, please order the VIP Package separately. If you have already ordered the membership and do not receive a shipping confirmation within 3-4 weeks, feel free to check in with us on its progress at


My VIP account isn’t working, what should I do?

For first time use of your VIP account on the webstore, you must activate your account by creating a password.

  • First, go to VIP Login at the top of the website's homepage and click Create Account. 
  • Then you'll need to create a password using the email address that you used to purchase your membership. Make sure you add “VIP” to the end of your last name when filling in your information.
  • If you do not do the above step your orders will not populate the VIP flat rate shipping cost.
  • You should then get a confirmation email, in which you must click the red box to complete the activation.
  • Your VIP account is the same email account that you used to complete the VIP purchase.

At this point, you should be able to log in normally to view your points and have access to the VIP area of the webstore.


As a VIP, I'm supposed to get flat-rate shipping. Why didn’t I get it?

As soon as you log in, make sure to update your Zenescope Shop account to include “VIP” in the name of your Shipping Information. It should read something like this:
John Smith VIP
433 Caredean Drive, Ste. C
Horsham, PA 19044

Here is an example of how your address should appear at checkout:



If you are an international VIP, please put "INT VIP" after your last name instead. 

Please note that we automatically fill the bar with the USPS shipping option, in case the weight of your order allows it to ship at a lower cost than the $10 flat rate shipping. It’s also useful to know when you are saving money on shipping with your VIP Flat Rate.

Please also check that you have the correct address selected when placing an order. Sometimes, people accidentally create seperate addresses where some contain VIP in the last name, while others do not. Check "Address Book" in your profile to see if this is the case.


Where do I find how many VIP points I have accumulated based on all of my purchases?

After you log into your VIP account on the bottom right-hand corner you will find an icon that says Zenescope VIP Rewards that  you can click. A mini dashboard pops up that shows your current point balance. Click on the drop-down arrow to where it says "My Orders". After you click on "My Orders" it will bring you to an updated page where on the right-hand side it will show you all of your account information along with your points total.


I want to redeem my VIP points, how do I do that?

VIP points can be redeemed easily by clicking on the Zenescope Rewards button on the bottom right hand corner the mini dashboard will pop up and show you your available points redeemable rewards.

If you are trying to redeem your 2020 VIP legacy program points please email our VIP Coordinator at


Can I buy a VIP membership for a family member or friend?

Yes! Simply email us at and we will assist you with your gift.


I bought Zenescope at my Local Comic Book Shop. How can I get VIP points for my purchases?

    Submit pictures of your receipts that have the following information:

    • Date of purchase
    • Name of Zenescope books/products
    • Subtotals

    Please also keep in mind...

    • We only accept receipts within 30 days of purchase.
    • We do not give points for sales taxes and fees.
    • We do not honor receipts from third party vendors like eBay, or Facebook marketplace.

    Thank you!


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