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Taking Another Look at Divine Statues' Robyn Hood Collectible Figure

Taking Another Look at Divine Statues' Robyn Hood Collectible Figure

, by Jake Abbate, 3 min reading time

Happy Halloween, Zen-Heads!! With October almost in the rearview, now’s a good time to make sure you picked up all of the exciting issues we released this month, including our latest Robyn Hood adventure, Dark Shaman, a team-up vehicle for Robyn and Ghosthawk that revealed never-before-seen insight into the latter hero’s mystical abilities. Needless to say, Robyn is one of our best-known characters, so having her star in another one-shot is always treated like a major event around here. Beyond this, her popularity also makes her the ideal candidate to launch our upcoming series of 1/4-scale premium format Zenescope figures, which we’ll be releasing through Fantasy Collectibles starting next year.

The Robyn figure has been over a year in the making, and during our trip to New York Comic Con a few weeks back, we officially debuted the prototype crafted by our friends at Divine Statues--a Stuttgart-based company responsible for earlier collectibles like Top Cow’s Angelus and Iron Maiden's skeletal mascot, Eddie--in collaboration with XM Studios. Throughout the four-day weekend, NYCC attendees were among the first to witness the fruits of their most recent undertaking in person. Naturally, some fans were disappointed by the lack of a live Robyn cosplayer, which has been a key feature of our convention display in years past (honestly, since I'm fairly new here, I'm kinda bummed that I didn't get to see this myself...). But the statue looked GREAT at the front of our booth, and it had no problem drawing a crowd on its own. Just ask the legions of onlookers who couldn’t resist snapping a quick photo or two and (if we were lucky) picked up a copy of Robyn Hood: Origin on their way out.

Standing 58 centimeters tall and weighing approximately 15 pounds, this is the biggest collectible figure that Zenescope has ever released (previously, that distinction belonged to a pair of 30-cm. Wonderland statues we launched via The CS Moore Studio in 2009 and 2011). Based on Eric Basaldua’s 2012 cover for Robyn Hood #1, the new polystone statue captures Robyn Locksley in one of her most famous poses from the comics and highlights Divine and XM’s amazing attention to detail. We might be a little biased, but both companies clearly outdid themselves on this one, maintaining their high standard of quality and nailing every individual aspect of Robyn’s costume, from the stitching on her legs to the ornate patterns found on her bow and sheath. Even the statue's base--engraved with the classic Robyn Hood logo!--shows off the hard work of the design team, with Robyn's log perch and the moss-covered rocks beneath it coming to life thanks to an immaculate hand-painted finish.

Eric Basaldua's Original Artwork for Robyn Hood #1 (Cover A)

As we announced on Day Two of our Virtual Horror Con last week, Robyn Hood retails for $999 and will be available exclusively through Fantasy Collectibles in a limited run of 200. Pre-orders are now live on, where you can also find info regarding other statues on the horizon, including more Top Cow-inspired figures based on Witchblade and Aphrodite IX. But don’t worry–there are a few other Zenescope-themed collectibles inbound as well. A new 1/4-scale Van Helsing figure and two additional statues of Alice and Calie Liddle of Wonderland fame are currently in the early stages of development. At this time, we can also confirm that the Wonderland figures will be inspired by the artwork of J. Scott Campbell.

Orders for Robyn Hood will begin shipping no later than Q3 2024. Until then, feel free to share your impressions of the statue in the comment section below!


  • Awesome statue.! Wish I could afford it.


    Jeff Tyler

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