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Zenescope's Wonderland Collectible Trading Cards Are Now Live on Kickstarter!

Zenescope's Wonderland Collectible Trading Cards Are Now Live on Kickstarter!

, by Jake Abbate, 8 min reading time

Your next trading card obsession begins right here!!

It’s a great week to be a Wonderland fan! On Wednesday, we invited readers back down the Rabbit Hole with Wonderland Annual: Out of Time, a standalone tale that winds the clock back to origins of the titular nightmare realm and finds Calie Liddle and her daughter, Violet, attempting to stop all of their family’s pain and suffering from ever taking root in the first place. But the Madness didn’t end there! As of yesterday, Zenescope's Wonderland Collectible Trading Cards Kickstarter is officially live and off to an incredible start. Not only did we manage to shatter our initial goal with over $47,000 pledged in less than 24 hours, Kickstarter has also blessed us with their coveted “Project We Love” seal of approval!!

Our twisted take on the Wonderland mythos has long been a key staple of the Zenescope catalog, largely due to the subversive nature of the original storyline mapped out by co-writers Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tedesco in Return to Wonderland way back in 2007. Over the next 15+ years, scribes like Pat Shand, Dan Wickline, and Erica J. Heflin have also come aboard to flesh out this corner of the Grimm Universe and expand the lore in various offshoot titles. Of course, the series wouldn’t be where it is today without the tireless work of the artists who continue to bring Wonderland’s mind-bending landscapes to life on the page, resulting in some of the most stunning (if not absolutely terrifying) illustrations ever to be released under the Zenescope banner.
The new trading card set gives fans yet another way to celebrate the enduring impact of the Liddle family saga, presenting over 100 unique images that shrink your favorite Wonderland visuals down to size and turn them into the next big must-have for Zenescope enthusiasts everywhere. You can expect small-scale recreations of classic comic book covers from many of the top creators who have dared to venture through the looking glass, including Ignacio Noe, whose distinctive style graces the packaging for the six-card starter packs, Blaster Boxes, and Hobby Boxes. The standard character cards are split into five categories, which means in addition to Heroes like Calie and Violet, you’ll also see Villain and Monster cards depicting antagonists like The Mad Hatter, The Queen of Hearts, and the mother of all Wonderland big-bads…the Jabberwocky!
Similar to our previous Grimm Universe trading card collection, the Wonderland base cards are limited to 1,000. However, the set will also boast five variant categories (Artist Collection, Cosplay Collection, Holiday, Pinup, and Special) that vary in quantity from 100 to 500 and encompass a plethora of foiled, holographic, and lenticular cards. And if your pledge comes with a Hobby Box, you’re guaranteed to receive a lenticular card, an autograph card, and a 1:1 original sketch card with the 20 starter packs already inside.

For those of you seeking to pad your orders with a little something extra, we have you covered–literally! Right now, we’re offering six Wonderland-themed collectible comic covers that are exclusive to this campaign, showcasing artwork by Elias Chatzoudis, John Royle, Meguro, Paul Green, Keith Garvey, and Drax Gal. Each cover is limited to 250 and can be purchased as an add-on for $25. But if you’re more of a Z-Rated kinda guy (or gal), NSFW versions of these covers will be available to purchase for $150 as well.

Pledge levels range from $19 to $475, with backers receiving a different set of rewards depending on which tier they choose. One such level notably combines a Wonderland Blaster Box with a Zenescope VIP Membership for just $124, essentially knocking $25 off the regular membership fee and giving you the best bang for your buck. On top of that, the campaign heralds the return of our Kickstarter-exclusive Mystery Envelopes, which contain even more collectible covers that are limited to 350 or less and are *only* available through our crowdfunding efforts. Regardless of which level is selected, backers will automatically receive a digital checklist with all of the trading card images that make up the set.


To anyone who already pledged, we can’t thank you enough for your contributions. Obviously, some of you are very familiar with our Kickstarters, and after the rousing success of our Light & Dark Playing Cards AND our Zenflix & Chill and Z-Rated Art Book campaigns earlier this year, we knew we could count on you to help us bring this latest endeavor to life. Because we surpassed $10,000 in pledges, we’ve also announced several new add-ons and stretch goals like Wonderland cello packs (pictured below) and our infamous cereal cosplay trading cards. Hitting new milestones will reveal similar bonus rewards over the next four weeks, including a campaign-exclusive challenge coin and a toy based on a certain bloodthirsty feline that gets unlocked at $85k!

(Artwork by Paul Green)

If you haven’t pledged, the campaign will remain open until November 22 at 4pm ET. In the meantime, we also have one last Wonderland comic adventure headed your way before 2023 comes to a close. On November 22, keep an eye out for Wonderland: Child of Madness #1, which follows the events of Out of Time and pits Violet against what might be the greatest obstacle she’s ever faced. Check out a preview of the first issue’s cover below:

Wonderland: Child of Madness #1 Cover by Al Barrionuevo

You can learn more about our Wonderland Collectible Trading Cards by visiting its official page on Kickstarter. Thanks again for all of your support!

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