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Cabin Fever Star Cerina Vincent on What She Wish She Knew in her 20s - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

Cabin Fever Star Cerina Vincent on What She Wish She Knew in her 20s

, by Amber Curtis, 20 min reading time

Zenescope team chats with Cabin Fever star Cerina Vincent about the stigmas around nudity, how she’ll always love Cabin Fever, and her journey into motherhood including her podcast, Raising Amazing.



Since I was old enough to shave my legs, I have been terrified of cutting them with a razor. And once I was finally allowed to see Eli Roth’s spring break horror-comedy debut, I was scarred (pun intended.)


The infamous leg shaving scene in Cabin Fever was perfected by Cerina Vincent almost 20 years ago, yet it still has teens double guessing their Spring Break plans as well as shaving their legs.


Zenescope’s co-founder Ralph Tedesco and newcomer Amber Curtis chatted live with Cerina Vincent on Day 1 of their Spring Break Virtual Convention. They dove into the stigmas around nudity, how she’ll always love Cabin Fever, and her journey into motherhood including her podcast, Raising Amazing.


Here is an excerpt from the interview. You can view the entire interview here:


Amber: Everytime I mention the film, people always go “Oh My God. That leg shaving scene. I can’t even watch it.” Take me through the scene and do fans usually bring [this particular] scene up to you?


Cerina: The leg shaving scene. When I read it in the script, I was like holy sh**. I get to do this. That’s so rad. What a crazy scene. I couldn’t imagine how it was all going to play out.


Of course it seems, the biggest scenes in the movie and the things you are most nervous about, you have five minutes to accomplish. It was pushed to the end of the day, [around] four in the morning. We had to wrap and rush the effects and it wasn’t a real bathtub. Just a bathtub in the middle of the soundstage. So [it’s hard] to find the emotion, while you’re sitting in freezing cold, dirty water half naked.


I kept feeling like, “Oh God. I have to get this right.” There is a lot to unveil  like the prosthetics and blood at the right time. But by the time it goes through editing and sound, it came out amazing and I’m super proud of that. It takes a village.




Amber: You were coming off a very well-known role in Not Another Teen Movie. And for those who don’t know, (but I’m sure they do know), you were naked for that entire role. I know you spoke about this in the documentary Skin: A History of Nudity in the movies, but what kind of stigma were you fighting at the time.


Cerina: It was the funniest script I ever read. It was a big decision. I auditioned for it. I actually turned it down. I didn’t think I could do it. I wanted them to give me another role that wasn’t nude. When you’re 12 years old in theater, you don’t think in ten years I’ll have to do something like this for a role. It just hadn’t come up in my career yet.


So it went away. And they hired someone else for the role and it didnt work out. So they came back to me. And I was 21 and I did it. So I prepared my family for it and myself for the shoot.


But I wasn’t prepared for the judgement afterwards and the criticism - You put your body out there and it was this open forum for everyone to walk sh** was really offensive to me about people saying I had a bad boob job when my boobs were real.


At the time I didn’t know how to articulate or manage those feelings, the attention.


Ralph: Thank God there wasn’t social media back then.


Cerina: Yeah, but it was still all over my IMDb. And I was getting a flood of offers for nude roles. And I only wanted to do it if it was for an amazing role.



Amber: Body empowerment has come such a far away and I think that's what the documentary touched upon and you're an icon in that... you jogged, walked, maybe crawled so other people could now just open.


It's such an empowering role what you did. Not Another Teen Movie has got to be one of the greatest spoof movies of all time. I read a lot that went into the movie Cabin Fever and I know that you fought a lot for some of the nude roles that were happening there and I'm like “this girl is amazing!” I love that!


Cerina: Oh you mean the inch of -


Amber: The inch of the butt, yeah.


Cerina: The people don't know that story. He wanted on the scene where the love scene with writer Strong he wanted to see my whole butt and I was like “no.” This is all pre-negotiated before you get on set in the con. I was like “no”  I'll give you an inch. That's what I said.


I'm on set and I need to take my tape measure and measure an inch. But thank you for saying that, that was also.. you know we've also just as a society I feel like come a long way and like curves are in and I just can be perfectly honest I was hungry back then. Heroin chic was in back then...right? Everybody had to be super skinny.


Ralph: Oh sure.


Cerina: And it's not like that anymore, which is really cool. I had a full-on eating disorder and I was battling my own issues with body image and feeling comfortable in my own skin. [Plus] the judgment on top of that. It was hard to manage.


Well now at 42, I'm like “oh it was like what was so insecure about?” you know?” I looked great and I want every 20 some year old woman to feel beautiful in their skin and 40 some year old women to feel beautiful in our skin.  


Life's too short to hate our bodies or have regrets.



Amber: So you just launched a new podcast and I listened to it and it’s amazing. It has five out of 5 stars on Apple podcasts. This is the first podcast of its kind where you team up with a doctor and you talk about raising kids and basic stuff that parents need to know. How did the podcast come to be?


Cerina: I wrote a book that hasn’t been published yet. And I needed a doctor’s stamp of approval on it. So maybe I’ll give it to [my son’s]. He not only read it, but he gave me a quote for the book and then said, “Hey we should start a podcast.”He’s like we should start a podcast and I was like,” yeah right. I Have nothing to offer parents. I’m a new mom.” And he was like,”No that’s the point.”


So as long as I frame it like that. We’re going to have the best doctors and experts on the show, so I can learn and then learn along with all the parents. I can do this.


It has been amazing. It has been so fun. I have learned so much. It’s called Raising Amazing. You can listen to it and find it wherever you listen to podcasts. We have tons of celebrities coming on and everyone has been honest and open and authentic.


















Cerina Vincent has countless TV and Film credits including Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Cabin Fever, and Not Another Teen Movie. She co-wrote the best selling The Hot Chick series, which continues to pioneer against the battles females face inwardly. She recently launched Raising Amazing, a podcast where Dr. Gator and her share raw, heart-warming stories and advice about raising a child.


You can check out more interviews (past and upcoming) at Zenescope Virtual Conventions. They occur monthly live via their Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch channels. The multi-day stream includes exclusive sales, guest interviews, giveaways, and more. For the full schedule and monthly themes of the conventions, please follow @zenescope on all social outlets.

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