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Rick Murphy was just an ordinary cop until he stumbled onto the wrong case. Left for dead by the criminals he meant to bring to justice, he was given a second chance at life but with one catch... gain the power to take revenge on the men that wronged him in exchange for his soul. Now, with the Death Force power in his command, he is ready for vengeance. But will the dark power at his control let him have his revenge...or consume him?  

Death Force Single Issues

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  • Death Force #2 - DF02A Pick D3F - Zenescope Entertainment Inc Death Force #2 - DF02B Pick D3F & D3G - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Death Force #2

    Brought back from the brink of death, Rick Murphy is a changed man. His humanity is gone... replaced by an incredible power that has taken him over completely. Now virtually unstoppable as Death Force, he uses this dark power to seek revenge on the men who killed the woman he loved... and nothing in heaven or hell can help anyone who stands in his way. Cover A - Sean Chen | Ivan Nunes Cover B - Sean Hill | Jorge Cortes Cover C - Mike Krome Cover D - Robert Atkins | Wes Hartman


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