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  • Grimm Fairy Tales Legacy Graphic Novel - GFTLEGACYTPB G3G/Skid 1 - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

    Grimm Fairy Tales Legacy Graphic Novel

    This graphic novel collects Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 2 - Legacy Issues #1-12. For many years, Sela Mathers was the Guardian of the Nexus; she was the protector of Earth and the four other dimensions linked to it.  But not long ago, Sela made the selfless decision the sacrifice herself in order to save the world.  Her only daughter, Skye, carries the same immense power as her mother, but Skye is young, inexperienced, and just discovering the extent of her abilities.  But there is no time for training wheels, as Skye Mathers will be forced to jump right into the fire.   As monstrous beings from fairy tale lore invade our world, Skye must quickly learn to hone her abilities as well as harness the incredible power of a magical book that only she can control.  From werewolves to giant frog monsters to deadly gargoyles, Skye will find that saving the world is even harder than it sounds.



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