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Everything Zen. Volume 2, Episode 1. December 2021.

Everything Zen - Volume 2, Episode 1 - December 2021 | Official Zenescope

Volume 2, Episode 1. December 2021.
Length: 60 minutes
Topic: Myths & Legends.

Description: "Danger, Will Robinson!" Volume 2, Episode 1 of Everything Zen focuses on Myths & Legends - gods, heroes, and Santa Claus. Creator Joe Brusha stops by as well as space age siblings, Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy from the classic sci-fi series, LOST IN SPACE, to discuss their new retrospective book. Plus, the Zenescope Calendar of Events, December Fun Facts, and a handful of Myths & Legends prizes!

Hosts: Mark Sells, Ralph Tedesco
Zenescope: Amber Curtis
Creator Spotlight: Joe Brusha (Myths & Legends)
Featured Guests: Angela Cartwright & Bill Mumy (Lost in Space)

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