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2021 Comic Book Screening and Return Procedures

  • Comic Book Condition and Pre-Screening
      • Our commitment is to deliver our comics in the best possible condition.
      • We guarantee that all Comic Books ordered from our site, that are not limited editions, will be in Near Mint- Condition (NM-, 9.2 grade) and that all Limited Edition Collectible Exclusives will be NM Condition (NM, 9.4 grade) as graded by the Comics Grading Authority when they leave our warehouse. 
      • Gold VIP Members who place an order for $1,000 or more will have their orders pre-screened in an attempt to fill their order with books in the highest condition available.
        • Please understand that this does not guarantee that books will grade above Near Mint. 
      • Silver and Bronze VIP Members can elect to have their books pre-screened on orders $500 or more for a $50 fee.
  • Damages and Returns
      • Starting March 1st, 2021 Zenescope will no longer accept unlimited returns of Comic Books that grade above NM-, 9.2 or Limited Edition Collectibles that grade above NM, 9.4. 
      • Our return policy from that day forward will be as follows:
        • Customers will be allowed one courtesy return on books below these grading restrictions per year.
        • All subsequent returns will follow this three strike policy:
          • One book out of the returned lot will be sent to CGC and be graded.
          • If that book grades at or above our condition parameters that customer will receive one “Strike”.
          • If a customer receives three strikes in a calendar year we will not accept damage returns from them for the remainder of that year. 
      • Comics that are damaged in shipping or show obvious damage such as a torn cover can be returned with no penalty but we will keep a count of those returns as well to make sure no one is abusing the system.  After three such returns of that nature the customer's account will be evaluated to determine if future returns will be accepted.
  • Limited Edition Collectibles
      • We understand that collectors want to receive Limited Edition Collectibles in a condition that is as near to Mint as possible. 
      • We hope that all of our customers understand what “Limited Edition” means in regards to condition and grading. 
      • With print runs that go as low as 25 and usually do not exceed 350 it is impossible for every book in a run to grade at 9.8 or higher. 
      • When manufacturing these Limited Edition products there are many factors that go into determining what condition the product the customer receives is in. Sometimes a large portion of the run may have a manufacturing or printing defect in them that will cause them to grade lower than 9.8.
      • Zenescope greatly appreciates all its collectors and we go to great lengths to make sure that our books arrive in your hands in the best condition possible and that they will appreciate in value over time. However please realize that every book you purchase will not grade at 9.8 or higher, and we do not guarantee that they will.


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