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Breaking Hearts and Trading Cards - Zenescope Entertainment Inc

Breaking Hearts and Trading Cards

, by Casey Brennan, 5 min reading time

I have asked Sarah if I could make a blog post as the self-appointed Zenescope’s Office Card Aficionado. If you are reading this, I guess she let me!

As many of the fans know from the livestreams, I am a big card collector myself. I’m more of a card collector than I am a comic collector actually! I traded away a lot of my older Pokemon Cards (rest in peace), but I still have a good, growing collection of the newer cards.

I also collect Pat Shand’s Space Between Trading Cards from seeing him at events and backing some of his Kickstarters! My favorite was the Zenescope VIP Trading Card from the 2023 NOLA Event with his character Meadow Katz cosplaying as our character, Mystere.

While Zenescope is known for our beautiful cover art, strong female characters & some pretty gruesome horror stories, did you know that we have a wide variety of trading card series as well? 

Last year, we Kickstarted the “Grimm Universe Trading Card Series 1” set. It was one of our most successful Kickstarters to date! 

As a card collector, I have a decent collection of the GUS1 Cards of my own. I ended up getting a Blaster Box at the Philly VIP Event in 2022 (along with another Pat Shand Promo Card!) 

The rest of the office are big fans too! One of the Blaster Boxes came in damaged, so the office took one for the team and opened it up for some spare cards to turn into giveaways. Our warehouse manager Stu pulled the Lenticular Van Helsing on his very first pack - that lucky duck!

What I love about Zenescope Trading Cards is that Zenescope knows people want to see the art. The cards aren’t crowded with texts or symbols and have all the info you need as a collector on the back of the card. With a simple and sleek design, these cards have it all for long-time fans of Zenescope characters, the card collectors that love to collect and trade and even the new fans who love to see our stunning cover art.

Did you know that Zenescope President Joe Brusha is a huge sports card fan? In fact, the Grimm Universe Trading Cards are actually inspired by the designs of sports cards! See the resemblance?

I say this on streams all the time - while I love collecting Pokemon Cards, the only cards I’m looking for are the full art cards. And I might get one in a pack, if I’m lucky. If I’m super lucky, maybe I’ll get 2, but that’s only ever happened to me once in my entire life! 

With Zenescope Cards, ALL cards are full art cards and make sure that the artwork comes first! In fact, with the new Zenescope Trading Card Subscription, you can get cards with artwork that has NEVER been on a cover before! Card exclusive art? Sign me up!

Zenescope has so many different series of cards too! With the latest cereal set, it’s great to see that everyone not only gets a full art card, but you get a GUARANTEED FOIL CARD. That’s really something special. Will you collect the whole set? I’ve got an extra Foil “Mummy Hunny” card if anyone is down to trade!

Peace, Love, Catch Em All






  • Hey Scott! I added on to the post with some of the checklists. Thanks for reading! <3



  • Cool post, Casey. I am just getting into the cards myself, and have really enjoyed those Cereal packs. Those foils are really cool. I'm probably going to pull the trigger and add that card subscription as well. I was wondering if you guys have any checklists posted anywhere? I've seen the images posted on the product pages for the Grimm Universe cards, but are there any checklists for the Cereal cards or metal cards? Also, a suggestion for something to sell…It would be cool if Zenescope offered "prints" that would fit in standard notebook binder insert covers. That way, people could make their own Zenescope card binders, and you guys wouldn't have to take up a bunch of space in your warehouse storing actual full size card binders. Enough of my late night rambling. Fun topic, and I look forward to getting more cards!



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