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Without Tyler Mane, there would be no Halloween remake?  Zenescope team chats with Michael Myer’s Actor Tyler Mane

Without Tyler Mane, there would be no Halloween remake? Zenescope team



Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake has sparked debate amongst Michael Myer’s fans. It’s a “love it or hate it” type of film. One thing we can all agree on: Tyler Mane’s portrayal was intimidating. Standing at staggering 6’9, who would even have a chance at survival.


But apparently the film was only made if Tyler agreed to the project?


Here is an excerpt from the interview featuring Zenescope Co-Founder Ralph Tedesco and Host Chris Samson. You can view the entire interview here: 


Ralph: The characters you’ve done in costume...the physicality of an acting performance is underrated and an underrated talent. How do you prepare for a role like Michael Myers? Where the main protagonist isn't really talking at all and has to wear a mask so you can't really portray emotion?


Tyler: You just have to go off your physicality, like in the beginning in the asylum [scene]. It's all through your body language. I was more slouched over, I was shuffling and dragging. As I got closer to what the character looks like, [I became] full on Michael Myers with the head tilts and all the badass stuff.


It's funny cause the editor thought that there were about 6 different masks, expression-wise. [The body language is] through the eyes and the way you tilt your head. He said, “Did you guys have several different masks?” It was [just] one mask.


Ralph: Oh right!


Tyler: Yeah. He was reading the emotion as he was editing it through, which was kinda cool.



Chris: As tedious as the makeup chair is, did being in costume allow you to get into character a little more easily? Not just for sabre tooth but for Michael Myers or any other roles that you've done?


Tyler: The Michael Myers character is iconic and once you put on the coveralls, slip on the mask, hand you that knife, you’re in character. You're just right there and it's go time. It's just fantastic being part of that and everybody through [both films] have just become close family.


It’s just a fantastic thing to be a part of it.


Ralph: Well you probably grew up, as I did, an original Halloween fan.


Tyler: I had seen the original one.


Ralph: I would imagine just a little bit was like, “Wow I'm playing an iconic role now.” That's a pretty cool feeling.


Tyler: It wasn't just one [time]. There were several of them. Several different people played the part and I’m [one of them].


That's the thing. When I went into it, I wanted to figure out how to make it a little more than a one dimensional character, like he [always had been portrayed]. They call him “The Shape” and he’s just one dimensional.


Rob explained it by showing how he's a product of his environment and the backstory of Michael Myers and how he got to where he is. That’s the cool part of [the remake].


Ralph: Yeah, definitely.



Chris: We’re a comic book company that  specializes in horror and dark fantasy. Aside from Halloween, you're also a part of the cast for Devil's Rejects, which is a very, very beloved cult classic in the horror genre. In working in all of these genres, which ones did you find the most exciting and which ones do you find the most challenging?


Tyler: You approach them all differently. But going back to the Devil’s Rejects, I originally auditioned for a different role and I was like, “Ehh” because I wasn't right for that role. Why am I even reading this?


Then I got a call about a week later and they said, “Well we want you to be in the movie and we want you to take over Rufu’s role.” I said, “I was just happy to be getting a gig and went on and filmed for about 4 days. Off [that role] and meeting Rob, he [then] wrote Halloween with me in mind.


When he called me to do Halloween, he was like, “Well if you don't do it, I’m not gonna do it. I have a very specific idea of how I want to see it.” Then he explained it to me and it was just fantastic.


Ralph: That’s pretty cool, too.



Whether you love it or hate it, it looks like Tyler can be blamed/praised for being the driving factor in getting it made.


Tyler Mane has countless TV and Film credits, most notably in the horror and sci fi genres.  His past work includes The Devil’s Rejects, X-Men, and Troy. He is best known for his portrayal as Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween. He most recently appeared on the highly anticipated Netflix release, Jupiter’s Legacy.


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