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VIP Reward Program - FAQs


In light of our VIP 2021 relaunch livestream, we received a common thread of questions from you all. For easy reference, here’s a list of info to be mindful of as we continue with the rollout of the new VIP 2021 platform.

  • As of January 1, 2021, all purchases made via the web store and our Virtual Con live streams will convert into points onto the new platform. The amount of points you accrue scales with your VIP tier status - the higher your tier, the more points you acquire based on your purchases.
  • Point balances from the previous platform will not be rolled over into the new platform. However, your old points are currently banked, and you are still allowed to use them for VIP point redemptions for product, merch, and special perks (e.g. being drawn and written into a comic book for 8,000 points).
  • To initiate a point redemption order with your banked points, please email Noah at with the subject line "VIP Point Redemption Order” with a list of products (or a snapshot of products) you are interested in redeeming with your old points. We will follow up on whether the items you have requested are eligible, or in stock, and will create a custom invoice for you. Once the transaction is complete, the balance of your old points will be manually deducted.

  • We are still accepting receipts for purchases of Zenescope products from your local comic shop / retailer. Please send snapshots of your receipts to and your point balance will be manually updated.
  • Pledging for our Kickstarter campaigns will still count as eligible VIP points. To date, Tarot: A Game of Souls and Van Helsing Kickstarter points are in the process of being updated in your point balances from the old platform. Moving forward, pledges for future Kickstarters will be converted and added as points onto the new platform. 
  • In February, we will release a suite of unreleased books that can be acquired by redeeming VIP points from the old platform. You are welcome to hold onto your VIP points from the old balance until the reveal.
  • Your VIP tier status from the old platform (e.g. your status prior to December 31, 2020) will transfer over to the new platform.
  • In the new platform, the threshold to becoming a Silver VIP is 1,500 points. You become a Gold VIP member when you exceed 4,000 points.
  • Receipts must be dated within 30 days of the attempted redemption to be eligible.
Please email Noah, our VIP Concierge and Coordinator, at for any inquiries.