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Can I Ask You a Question?

, by Sarah Houghton, 4 min reading time

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What's that that I heard?  There's an exciting raffle at the end of this post?  That's right, friends - keep on reading for your chance to win something pretty cool. 


Seriously though, I'll know.

The 2nd annual Zennies are next week and guess what?  Not going to reveal any winners, but our precious angel Casey has been crunching the numbers and there are 2 races that are VERY close!!!  Thank you all so much for voting, and be sure to tune in on March 23rd for the entire award ceremony - black tie required!!!

Did anybody watch the Oscars on Sunday?  I admit, I cried like a baby when Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis won back-to-back, and was overjoyed when Michelle Yeoh won.  (Shockingly, she wasn't even nominated for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon?!?!)

My favorite moment was definitely Brendan Fraser's win.  I made my dad take me to see Encino Man in 1992, and all these years later - it still holds up!  I re-watched recently and was struck by what a turd Sean Astin's character is for most of the movie.  Stoney and Link were such sweet, supportive friends, and Dave did not deserve them!

Brendan Fraser's early-90's run of movies is so, so good.  His debut was in Dogfight, a l'il indie unconventional romance from 1991 starring my all-time MVP Hunk, River Phoenix, and the brilliant Lili Taylor.  Fraser's role is tiny, but I can't recommend the film enough.  It's basically a two-hander between Phoenix and Taylor as tentative lovers, and boy are they up to the challenge.  And it has probably my favorite ending ever for a movie - tinged with melancholy, but also hopeful.

Obviously Encino Man launched Fraser to another level, and he continued to deliver later in 1992 with School Ties, a drama about antisemitism in a swanky 1950's prep school.  I remember one of the teen magazines back in the day doing a story on the whole "cast of heartthrobs", but all I could find was this piece from glorious Sassy, the magazine for '90s cool girls.  Cool '90s Sarah to the right.

And who could forget the 1994 masterpiece, With Honors, co-starring Joe Pesci as a homeless person secretly sleeping in a basement on Harvard's campus, and Fraser as the pessimistic Econ major who doesn't like poor people.  Naturally they become best friends and lives are forever changed.

And now on to the contest!!!  For you, my friends, I have 1 of our highly coveted Mystery Envelopes!! 

The perforation is open, but I personally bagged/boarded it and nobody has looked inside, soooo whomever wins it will have to let me know what cover they get!!!

There are several ways to earn entries:
  • Refer a friend
  • Sign up for our email list (or confirm you're already subscribed)
  • Post a comment below

The contest ends March 22nd at 11:59 PM, and the winner will be announced on the following week's blog post.  

As always, thank you so much for being such an amazing group of readers and friends! 

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  • Loved the Mummy series and Blast from the Past 😀



  • of course Brendan's best movie was George of the Jungle, right? Or was it Bedazzled? mmmm just don't know.



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