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Congratulations on Joining Zenescope’s Exclusive VIP Program!

VIP is a life long membership with an array of exciting benefits. To make the most of your account, please be sure to follow the steps listed below. 

Please email Jake, our VIP Concierge and Coordinator, at for any inquiries. 



If you had an active Zenescope account prior to purchasing your VIP membership, you will not need to create a new one. Instead, your pre-existing profile will be upgraded. Please allow 3-5 business days for the permissions on your account to be adjusted. To be eligible for $10 Flat Rate Shipping, please follow the instructions outlined in the SHIPPING section of this document. 
If you DO NOT already have a Zenesescope account, you can create one by following the directions here:
  1. Go to VIP Login at the top of the page and click where it says SIGN UP
  2. You’ll need to create a password using the email address that you used to purchase your membership.
  3. Put VIP at the end of your last name in the Last Name field. (See the SHIPPING section for details)
  4. A confirmation email will be sent in which you should click the red box to complete the activation.
  5. Once activated, log into your VIP account.
We’ve created an exclusive Facebook Group for VIPs just like yourself. Here, fans can chat with each other, as well as some of the writers and artists who work on the books. There are frequent updates on Zenescope happenings, with information about upcoming streams and conventions, as well as advanced notice on flash sales and site discounts!
As a VIP, you can get a free collectible comic every year on your birthday! We have a robot that’s been trained to distribute these books annually, but for him to be able to do it effectively, he needs to know your birthday. Please make sure that this is listed in your profile. Please see below for more instructions.  



One of the benefits that comes with being a VIP is Unlimited, $10 Flat Rate Shipping! In order to activate this ability, you will NEED to add the letters VIP (domestic) or INT VIP (international) to your last name, as illustrated in the pictures here:


If you do not have VIP or INT VIP after your last name in the Shipping Information field at checkout, you will not be eligible for $10 shipping. If you notice that you are only able to select standard USPS shipping, please make sure that any saved or automatically applied addresses contain the necessary VIP tags. Remember, you can manually add these at any time. 



One of the other big features of the VIP Program is the ability to earn reward points on nearly any Zenescope purchase you make. When you buy products through the webstore, points will automatically be applied to your account. You can also earn points by backing Zenescope Kickstarters (points applied at fulfillment), from purchases made at conventions and local comic book shops (see RECEIPT SUBMISSIONS for more details). Those points can then be used to get discounts codes for future purchases. To view and track your points, log into your account and click on the VIP REWARDS window located in the bottom right corner of the home page.

Here, you can see points earned and points spent, as well as what discount codes you currently have or can get. There are three levels of VIP, and these levels are determined by Total Accumulated Points. When you first sign up for the program, you enter in at the BRONZE TIER. This gives you access to the Bronze portion of our webpage, and you will be earning 0.3 reward points for every dollar you spend.

If you can accumulate 1,500 points, you will be eligible to advance to the SILVER TIER. Silver Level VIPs have access to both the Bronze and Silver catalogs, and earn 0.5 points on every dollar spent. After earning 4,000 points, you will be eligible for the highest level, the GOLD TIER. Gold VIPs have unrestricted access to the website and all exclusive catalogs, and also earn 0.7 points for every dollar spent.

**IMPORTANT:  Points may not be redeemed on Subscriptions, Memberships, VIP Event Tickets and select New Releases (items released in the last 60 days)

PLEASE NOTE - Points are calculated using the value of the product. The cost of tax and shipping do not factor into the number of points assigned per purchase.

PLEASE NOTE - You are responsible for tracking your own point progression. Redeeming points for discount codes will NOT count against your advancement. However, it will take away from your current number of spendable/visible points. To find your Total Accumulated Points, just add your Current Balance with the number of points you’ve previously spent. If you ever want confirmation on the number of points in your account, or if you think you may be eligible for level advancement, you can contact us anytime at



If you buy Zenescope branded products from your local comic book store or from a convention, these purchases also qualify for reward points. Send a picture of your receipt to and we will manually adjust those points to reflect what you spent. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Receipts should be itemized. We need to be able to see what was purchased and for how much. We understand that some brick and mortar comic shops are still using their old adding machine from 1975, and might not be able to provide itemized receipts. We are able to work with VIPs on a case-by-case basis in circumstances such as this, however, itemized receipts will always be the fastest and most convenient way to get points.

  2. We do not honor receipts from sites like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. One of the intentions of this program is to connect with and support physical retailers. While we accept receipts from some online sellers, these stores should still have an actual, accessible location that is separate from their webstore.

  3. Receipts must be submitted within at least 30 days of purchase to be eligible for points.



Hello there, Z-Rangers! An update on Zenescope's Complimentary VIP Birthday Book Distribution (ZCVIPBBD for short).

Moving into 2023, we are attempting to make this process fully automated. However, for the new system to function properly, you will NEED to have your birthday included in your customer profile. Having this information listed is necessary for our robot to know who to give a book to and when.

Up until now, these books have been sent out in manually created, custom orders. Obviously though, as more fans join our fam, that method becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. As a solution, we have revived and reprogrammed Mr. Robot to take on the task.

So, even if you have previously sent your birthday to us via email, PLEASE confirm that this date is listed in your account. If not, you can add it yourself (instructions on how to do that are included in the comment section below).

Update - February 2023

Greetings, Zenescouts! I come bearing an update on the 2023 Birthday Book. The automated distribution feature, as some of you may have noticed, is officially up and running.

This year, your complimentary comic will be given to you in your digital wallet, and will function like any other coupon code. On your birthday, the book and its discount will be made accessible. If you have not yet provided the site with your birthday information, you can do this in your digital wallet as well.

Adding Your Birthday

After logging in, click on your Digital Wallet, which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

Here, you can see you current point balance, in addition to the different levels of acquirable discount codes. Select the Earn Points tab to access your birthday information.



Click on the button appropriately named "2023 Birthday Book." PLEASE NOTE: if you've already entered your birthday into your profile, this option may be grayed out. You can always email to confirm that your birthday is correctly entered.



If you HAVE NOT previously provided your birthdate, this is where you can do so. Enter your information and hit SAVE.



After completion, the "2023 Birthday Book" button will be grayed out.



Once it's your birthday, this puppy should pop up in your digital wallet. It will function the same as any other discount code. PLEASE NOTE: Discount codes do not stack. If there is already an active promotion on the site, and you have a discounted or free product in your cart as a result, this will negate the 100% discount on your birthday book.



If your birthday was in JANUARY 2023 or if it occurred prior to FEBRUARY 10th, 2023, please send us an email at and we will provide you with a code that can be used to add the free book to your next order. Additionally, if you STILL have not received your complimentary comic from 2022, let me know and I will provide you with a code for this as well. Every VIP has within 90 days after their birthday to redeem the gift.



Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to Thank you everyone for your patience as we work to improve our program 🙂


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