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  • Comic Box Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Comic Box Subscription (INTERNATIONAL)

    Monthly Comic Box Subscription (INTERNATIONAL) JULY Exclusive Cover Shown This NEW Monthly Comic Box Subscription will include all comics published each month PLUS a Comic Box Exclusive by Sun Khamunaki - LE 150 (All subscription levels include the Sun Khamunaki collectible.) A & C Cover Subscriptions will be packed in one of our prio Board Game or Candy Boxes.  *Includes 5 Zenbucks "All Cover" Subscriptions will be packaged in a black box. *Includes 10 Zenbucks **COMIC BOX Subscriptions ship the last week of each month, once all books have arrived from the printer Issues included for July:  Grimm Fairy Tales 2024 Swimsuit Special     Wonderland: Return to Madness #1 of 3 Van Helsing: Hexed     Man Goat & The Bunnyman: Beware the Pigman 1 of 3 Grimm Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 #86 Sun Khamunaki - 2024 July Subscription Collectible - LE 150

    $85.00 - $197.00


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