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Comic Book Screening and Return Procedures


Refunds and Returns:

Our commitment is to deliver our comics in the best possible condition but given how often they are handled during the printing, processing, and shipping phases we can not guarantee that each comic will be completely free from small handling or manufacturing defects. 

We therefore guarantee our regular comics to a CGC grade of 9.2 or above and our Limited Edition Exclusives to a CGC grade of 9.4 or above. 

We use the following chart as a reference to objectively determine if a book fits the criteria for a returnable item.

If you feel your comic fits this criteria for a returnable item please contact within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Any items that were in your possession for longer than 2 weeks will not be considered for a refund or replacement. 



Replacements will not be issued for prizes or free promotional items. 

Items marked as ‘All Sales are Final’ are not eligible for refunds or replacements. These are older inventory items that are heavily discounted and priced to sell. 

In addition, any returns received without prior approval from Customer Service will not be considered for a replacement or refund. Instead, the package will be returned back to the customer as is.


Purchase Disputes and Customer Expectations:

As a small company that strives to provide quality products and professional service we also reserve the right to reject orders or close/suspend accounts of those individuals that are perceived to be abusing the return policy or otherwise acting or communicating in inappropriate ways. This includes abusive or inappropriate language in calls or messages.  


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