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Angelica Blackstone

Daughter of a mortal woman and Hades, the god of the Underworld, has had anything but a stable childhood. With not only the blood of the Greek Pantheon running through her veins, as luck would have it, she was also bitten, killed, and turned into a vampire by her ex-lover, the father of all vampires, Dracula. Now, millennia later, she has been brought back to life and looking for purpose in this new world. With a major attitude, short temper, and strength beyond a normal mortal, this vampire with no allergy to sunlight, spends her days offering her unique strength and abilities to the highest bidder. Known by most who haven’t pissed her off yet, and even some alive who have, as Hellchild, and with a “surprisingly” small circle of friends, Angelica stands mostly alone finding her way in the Grimm Universe.  




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