The Best Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi Comics in the Universe


ANGELICA BLACKSTONE - Daughter of a mortal woman and Hades, the god of the Underworld, has had anything but a stable childhood. With not only the blood of the Greek Pantheon running through her veins, as luck would have it, she was also bitten, killed, and turned into a vampire by her ex-lover, the father of all vampires, Dracula. Now, millennia later, she has been brought back to life and looking for purpose in this new world. With a major attitude, short temper, and strength beyond a normal mortal, this vampire with no allergy to sunlight, spends her days offering her unique strength and abilities to the highest bidder. Known by most who haven’t pissed her off yet, and even some alive who have, as Hellchild, and with a “surprisingly” small circle of friends, Angelica stands mostly alone finding her way in the Grimm Universe.


BELLE DIMARCO - Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco is a descendant of generations of beast hunters. With a sacred duty passed down from mother to daughter, she must work in the shadows to keep the world safe from threats too dangerous for society to know about. Armed with an array of weaponry, her wit, and intelligence, Belle must become that which haunts the dreams of creatures bred of nightmares themselves.


BRITNEY WATERS - Britney Waters has a long history in the Grimm Universe. She is a werewolf, realm knight, and super-spy. Ever since her first encounter with the book of fairy tales, she has been gradually pulled deeper into the threads holding the Nexus and the Four Realms of Power together. She goes by the codename Red Agent and she works with many allies she has made over the years to help in her mission to protect the innocents, both with and without powers, affected by evil in our world.


CALIE LIDDLE - Born Carroll Ann Liddle, Calie is the daughter of Alice Liddle and the mother of Violet Liddle. She has been battling the realm of sometimes dreams and almost always nightmares, that is Wonderland, for all of her adult life. Once the peaceful-ruling White Queen of this fantastical world, she has since been drawn back into a new and much deadlier Wonderland. The realm of madness has torn apart her family in the past, and only time will tell if she has what it takes to keep her sanity, along with her life, in this new trip down the rabbit hole.


CINDERELLA - Cinderella Monroe, aka Cindy, is fun, peppy, and also psychotic. Recruited by the Dark Horde out of college and given a magical sword, she is one of the Grimm Universe's most violent killers. Quick with a bad joke or terrible pun but even quicker with a swing of her sword, Cindy is not one to be underestimated. With her alliances shifting as easily as her mood, it's best to always proceed with caution when interacting with this self-proclaimed serial killer princess.


THE DARK ONE - Malec, The Dark One, is the feared and respected ruler of the Dark Horde. He is evil incarnate and was once a prince in his native lands of Myst until war broke out in his kingdom. His desire for power brought him to Earth. Rejecting the rules of the High Council which forbade the crossing of realms, The Dark One learned how to enhance his power by immeasurable amounts and soon became the enemy of all life on Earth and the four realms.


EVE HARPER - Lives in an apocalyptic future, eighty years from now, where humans are all but wiped out by a man-made virus. Humans that remain, live in walled-off cities called strongholds that protect them from the mutated creatures and dangers of the wasteland outside the walls. Eve is a courier-for-hire, who travels from stronghold to stronghold getting paid to carry goods across the wasteland, along with her mechanical sidekick, ARTIE. When Eve and her brother were kids, their parents were killed in a raid on their commune by a local tribe. Ever since then, Eve only worries about two things: herself and her brother. Everything else is just a job to her.


JASMINE - Cursed hundreds of years ago by her own greed, Jasmine was transformed into a genie of myth and imprisoned in a magical lamp. Now, finally free for the first time in centuries, it's a whole new world and she must find her place in it. Confronting enemies from her past, with her magic carpet and remaining limited powers over elemental fire, she is here to right her mistakes and make the world a safer place in the process.


KERES - The Goddess of Death is an erratic primal force who uses her powers to punish those she deems deserving of her wrath. Many unsuspecting people who cross her path learn the harsh lessons about morality whether they want to or not.


MASUMI - Descending from a long line of assassins, Masumi was raised as a weapon. She has deep knowledge of witchcraft and demonic lore. Masumi has seen everyone that she has loved perish in their war against demons, so she is careful not to allow herself to get too close to others. Aside from her immense skill in martial arts and witchcraft, Masumi’s swords are also a great asset. Both of her blades are imbued with the essence of a powerful demon, which allows her to teleport, open portals, and understand demonic languages.


MERCY DANTE - After being given a second chance at life, Mercy agreed to work for the ruler of the Inferno, Lucifer. Now, using the skills of her past life as an assassin, Mercy is tasked with hunting down escaped demons from the Inferno and returning them to where they belong.


PEYTON PARKS - Peyton Parks is a New York City defense attorney. When she was a child, her police officer father was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit and was murdered in prison before he could be found innocent. Since then, she has dedicated her life to upholding justice and defending those who couldn’t defend themselves. After being given the powers of the Black Knight from the book of fairy tales, Peyton Parks has been riding the line of the legal system between lawyer and vigilante. With a growing darkness inside her, she remains conflicted. She spends her days in the courtroom and her nights on the streets as the Black Knight, battling evil in all forms, as she struggles to keep her two identities from clashing.


ROBYN HOOD - After being orphaned as a teen and suffering a brutal attack that left her missing an eye, Robyn Locksley was transported to the realm of Myst where she liberated the city of Nottingham from its corrupt rulers. Now back home in New York City, with her unmatched skills and proficiency with a bow, she patrols the streets as both private investigator and vigilante, taking on cases and evils too dangerous for the average person...while stopping to save the world on numerous occasions - in her spare time, of course.


SELA MATHERS - Was the Guardian of the Nexus before her daughter, Skye, took over after the battle of Arcane Acre. After years of using fairy tales to teach life lessons to people on the cusp of making immoral choices, Sela had taken a more active role in the wars between the Realms. She has fought against The Dark One, The Dream Eater, The Being, and many other creatures of unfathomable power. Sela is extremely skilled and well-equipped to take on any enemy who stands against her. With her responsibilities passing on to another, only time will tell of what new adventures will unfold before the former protector of Earth.


SKYE MATHERS - Taking over after the death of her mother Sela, Skye Mathers is the new Guardian of the Nexus, the protector of our world. With the help of her mentor, Shang, she is learning the extent of her new powers, which she draws from the four realms of power; Myst, Wonderland, Neverland, and OZ, all while trying to figure out the mystery of her connection to the book of Fairy Tales.


VAN HELSING - Liesel Van Helsing, a brilliant inventor and the daughter of the legendary vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing, spent years trapped in a hell dimension known as the Shadowlands. Recently she has been brought to the present-day and uses her skills to take on all forms of the undead, from Dracula and Frankenstein, to mummies and werewolves. Liesel is a deadly force to be reckoned with for all creatures who stick to the shadows.


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